About You

Can you find yourself in any of the situations below?

  • You’ve just been laid off and looking for a new job, all the while wondering if this is the time to rethink your career, goals, and direction in life. Maybe do something different?
  • You just got promoted and it’s a big leap. You are feeling excited and anxious. You know you have some things to learn and improve; you really want this to be a success…
  • Your marriage is deteriorating before your eyes. You sense that it’s over, but you just can’t seem to take the necessary steps to either heal the marriage or move on.
  • You’ve got a good job, great husband/wife, wonderful kids, and yet you feel restless, unsatisfied, something missing.
  • Your significant other has just asked you to marry him/her and now, faced with the decision, you are not sure
  • You’ve retired or you can see that time on the horizon. You find yourself drawing a blank slate when you try to picture what your life will look like.
  • You love being a leader/manager, but you feel frustrated by your team’s lack of engagement or chronic conflict.
  • You want to move up in your organization, but have been passed over a couple of times for promotions. Your performance has been exemplary; you don’t understand what is lacking. You think its politics.

Sound familiar? As a coach, I have worked with many people who find themselves in these situations and more. My work is to help you build an inner compass to guide you in developing real clarity, recognizing your passion, and designing an action plan to reach your goals. It has worked for others I’ve coached — I know it can work for you!