How Coaching Works

Based on your goals and needs as my coaching client, I will create for you an individualized coaching program. Typically, the structure of a coaching program includes weekly or bi-monthly meetings, in person or by phone.

Our sessions would follow a coaching methodology which consists of working with these ongoing questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be? or How do you want to feel about yourself/life/career?
  • What are you doing or not doing effectively, what have you tried to achieve this goal?
  • What’s getting in the way? How are you getting in your way?
  • What do you need to do next? And how can I help you hold yourself accountable to your action plan?
  • What resources, connections, and information do you need from me, from others?

Basically, people don’t have problems, they have projects. As your coach, I assist you in getting clarity and then breaking down your problem (project) into actionable steps that are the least stressful and most effective way of moving forward.

Executive Coaching

Executive Development Coaching is designed to help organizations develop and retain leadership and management talent. Most organizations have individuals who possess needed knowledge and technical skills but who, for a wide variety of reasons, could benefit from further improvement in leadership and interpersonal effectiveness.
Typical candidates for this comprehensive, one-on-one, customized service include:

  • The high potential executive being groomed for increased responsibility.
  • A valued executive who needs to cultivate greater executive presence and consistent execution of goals.
  • A technically skilled executive whose people skills do not match their brilliance.
  • The aggressive, high performing executive whose style intimidates others.


  • Enhance leadership performance within the organization.
  • Create insights about leadership style, personal style, interpersonal skills and leadership thinking.
  • Assist in identifying and changing ineffective and inappropriate behaviors that may be “blind spots.”
  • Assess, clarify and coach on key effectiveness and professional issues.
  • Create more effective working relationships and teamwork.
  • Provide support in making difficult behavioral changes.

Coaching Sessions

Edlinger & Associates conduct most coaching sessions in person, except when phone coaching is requested and makes sense. Our standard coaching engagement is for six months, providing up to four hours per month of coaching, generally in two hour sessions to be determined with each client.

If this is an executive engagement, we partner one on one with the Executive or senior manager to define short and long-term business, management and behavioral goals required for success in the organization. Together we identify a variety of ways to accomplish the desired outcomes within a specified time frame.

The coaching process is similar for individual life coaching, typically with an added emphasis on the client’s personal life. Though executive coaching includes personal issues as they affect work, and life coaching can include professional challenges if that is the current issue.